March 26, 2011

The last day at the Land Long White Cloud

It’s our last day in New Zealand and we feel kind of sad for leaving the country. It’s been almost two months and we are taking with us lots of good memories. There’s no words to sum up. We would just say that if we now had to choose a country to live in, it would be this one. You never know…

Looking back…a mixed of words about New Zealand come to ours mind; nature, wildlife, bright colors, clean skies, perfect waves, cristal water lakes, isolated pristine beaches, dramatic mountains, scenic drives, fresh air, smiley friendly people, good pleasant, environmental respect, impressive glaciers, beautiful fiords, baby sheep, mama cows, lazy seals, playful dolphins… and lots more like this.

Spectacular and wonderful country! Good to know there are places like this in the world.
Next post from Australia!! J

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